The Spiritual Kinesiologist within this Association:


  • has respect for all religions, political and social views of individuals irrespective of nationality, age, marital status, ethnic origin, sexual preference or social standing

  • always displays appropriate conduct of respect, integrity and dignity with clients; their attitude is always compassionate, positive and encouraging to facilitate the client's healing process

  • never engages in inappropriate conduct contrary to the client's condition during a consultation

  • does not enter into an intimate or sexual relationship with a client under their care

  • does not use any improper practice or language

  • never claims to "cure" anyone

  • must not work whilst under the influence of alcohol, illegal drugs or any medication that would impair judgement

  • shall not take advantage of their professional connection or association in an inappropriate manner

  • will not breach any statutory therapeutic Act or Government/State legislation





The Spiritual Kinesiologist within this Association is required to:


  • continue their professional training through workshop attendance comprising a minimum of 8 hours training per month. Details should be recorded and forwarded to the office for annual membership renewal

  • conduct their work with the highest integrity, to be honourable and ethical at all times

  • honour the confidentiality of clients in compliance with the Commonwealth of Australia Privacy Act

  • maintain a high standard of professional behaviour, manner, language and financial activity

  • be honest in financial responsibilities and have integrity in all areas of their business

  • not pass judgement on other models of healing

  • be at liberty to refer their clients to other professionals where necessary

  • be willing to process themselves every day and in line with the Australasian Spiritual Kinesiology Association Inc. and the teachings of the Founder, being Larayne Porter

  • be responsible for keeping a journal at practice nights of their hours: this is to be signed off by the facilitator

  • committed to the life long journey of self-development through spirituality

  • honours their commitment to the community and undertakes community work, at no charge