The Spiritual Kinesiologist within this Association:

  • must have completed the spiritual kinesiology course "You Can Heal" stages 1 through 9

  • qualify through written and practical examination of the "You Can Heal" course

  • must show ongoing participation in courses with the Australiasian Spiritual Kinesiology Association Inc.

  • membership ceases if a member dies, resigns or is expelled from the Association.
    Membership entitlements are non-transferable to another person; rights, priviledges or obligations terminate on cessation of the person's membership. Resignation of membership requires the member to give written notice of at least one month to the Co-ordinator. An appropriate entry will be made in the register on the date the member ceases to be a member.



A certificate of membership in a form approved from time to time by the Association shall be issued to each Spiritual Kinesiologist / Member of the Association stating their category of membership. The Founder shall sign each certificate. The certificate is to be displayed in the Spiritual Kinesiologist's place of work.