A summary of items from the Constitution and the Codes of Conduct and Ethics follows.  A complete guide to the Codes are available from the Membership Co-ordinator.



Each Kinesiologist, as a professional practitioner is accountable for his/her own practice and takes into account relevant legislation, professional codes of ethics and professional codes of conduct standards of practice and competencies.


Spiritual Kinesiology encompasses holistic health disciplines, which use muscle monitoring to obtain the person's relevant information. Spiritual Kinesiology identifies the relevant pattern and the subtle anatomies of each individual.

A registered Spiritual Kinesiologist practitioner with the Australasian Spiritual Kinesiology Association Inc. must have accrued competency and training hours within the Australasian Spiritual Kinesiology Association Inc. courses.


All members of the Association shall be bound by the Association's disciplinary procedure. Membership of the Association implies acceptance of the disciplinary procedure. The procedure is set in place to protect the public, ensure continuously phigh standards and uphold the reputation of the Kinesiology profession and the Association . The Association is not responsible for conduct of its members, though any compliants will be investigated. The Association cannot be held legally responsible for members' actions.


Spiritual Kinesiologists within this Association must conduct themselves with the highest regard of professional standard and duty of care towards the client.

Spiritual Kinesiologists within this Association assist the client to understand their patterns and behaviour, and through their patterns have a positive effect on themselves and those around them. They do not do or say anything that could adversely affect the health of a client. They do not diagnose, prescribe or say/imply they are treating any disease.


The Spiritual Kinesiologist practitioner within this association must act within the Federal Privacy Act of Australia.

Client confidentiality must be maintained at all times and restricted to the Practitioner except where consent is obtained from the patient/guardian and then only to the agreed disclosure or in an emergency or other urgent situation where the information may prevent possible injury to the client or other person, or where required to do so by law.

Number Seven


All Spiritual Kinesiologists within the Australasian Spiritual Kinesiology Association Inc. must be covered by professional indemnity and public liability insurance.


Use of Association Name - How to use on Advertising material Member of Australasian Spiritual Kinesiology Association Inc.

The initials "ASKA" are not to be used after the member's name. The full name of the Association is to be used at all times.

Use of Logos: Members are not permitted to use the You Can Heal logo, nor the words "You Can Heal"



A member of the Association must, on admission to membership, pay to the Association a fee of $50. In addition, an annual membership fee of $30 is required. The financial period of membership is from 1st January to 31st December. New members may apply at any time throughout the year. A photocopy of valid Professional Indemnity and Public Liability insurance. together with picture identification and signature must accompany each application.

All renewing members' fees must be received by close of business on 31st December.